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dataSTICKIES are the next generation of data portability. They are graphene-based flash drives that replace USB pen drives and hard discs.

USB-based drives can be inconvenient to use as the positioning and insertion of the drive in the USB slot needs to be done precisely. When the slots are at the rear of a device, as is the case for many desktop computers, this task becomes even more troublesome.

dataSTICKIES solve this problem by carrying data like a stack of sticky-back notes. Each of the dataSTICKIES can be simply peeled from the stack and stuck anywhere on the optical data transfer surface (ODTS), which is a panel that can be attached to the front surface of devices like computer screens, televisions, music systems, and so on. The special conductive adhesive that sticks the dataSTICKIES to the ODTS is the medium that transfers the data. This special low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive is capable of being reused without leaving marks like a repositionable note. When the dataSTICKIES are being read by the device, their edges light up.


This deserves one of those infomercial people who think flash drives are the most difficult thing in the world to operate.

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ебать нахуя теперь и на вьюи политика

я уже не знаю куда бежать

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By Hiroko Kubota , whist making custom shirts for her young son, Kubota gave in to a request of his for cats on his shirts from a vast library of internet felines. Interest boomed, and now if you really want one you can purchase one from her Etsy store —if you’re quick that is, they go like hot-cakes.

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никогда не следуйте советам при поступлении в вуз

делайте так как ходите

а не так как "надо" и "ожидают"

будете как я ненавидеть все и вся и потеряете всякий смысл и цель

и останется только ненависть, сожаление и скорбь по "амбициям" и мечтам

ибо же не будет ни азарта, ни увлечения

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неожиданные сайты заебали открываться